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Movie Review: Sonic the Hedgehog

By Felicity Neptune, News Editor

Since the announcement of the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie, fans of the cartoon mammal have developed strong opinions about the film.

When the trailer for the movie was released in 2019, fans were shocked at Sonic’s appearance.

For example, Sonic’s character in the original trailer appeared to have a more realistic and earthlier look to it, as if the fur was real. Each piece of hair on his body seemed as though it could be touched through the screen and it moved with the wind. It was the animators’ attempt to create Sonic so as to seem realistic as possible and thereby enhance the moviegoers’ viewing experience. However, fans were very upset about the results and spoke up on social media about their distaste.

In 2020, a second trailer was released, containing the same information regarding the plotline but an entirely new Sonic the Hedgehog came to light. The creators of the animation for the original trailer listened to the demands of the viewing audience of the first trailer and decided to update the character.

“I am so happy that they fixed the animation, because I thought Sonic looked great. Since the movie is making a lot more money than it was expected to, I bet Paramount is happy that they changed it too,” said Ryan McIlroy, an HSU student, in an email interview.

The film is about a blue hedgehog named Sonic, who has become stranded on Earth and the struggles he faces while he is on his long journey home to his own universe. While traveling in search of the rings that will help him return, he comes across a friend who will help him escape the villain who is trying to change everyone on the planet to robots.

Although David Sims, a movie critic from “The Atlantic,”calls the film “bland and disposable,” McIlroy believes otherwise.

McIlroy gave the movie a four out of five star rating.“I loved how funny the movie was. I was expecting a lot of little kid humor, and while there was a little bit of that, the whole cast is hilarious,” McIlroy wrote.

With all movies, though, comes some needed adjustments. When asked what he believed could be changed to make the movie better, McIlroy said he would have liked to know more about Sonic’s home. “I would have loved to see more of Sonic’s home planet, because what they did show I enjoyed a lot. Maybe if they added some flashbacks to it, it would have helped,” McIlroy wrote.

McIlroy recommends those who were fans of the Sonic games as a kid to watch the film for the nostalgic feeling it may bring. “This is a good, fun excuse to take a study break. Also, there’s a mid-credit scene you don’t want to miss,” McIlroy wrote.


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