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Proven By: Megan Jewell

Hardin-Simmons University has a place for everyone to belong, whether that be in sports, clubs or organizations. One excellent organizational example on campus is Proven.

Proven was founded in 2018 and is the Black Student Union on campus. Current members of Proven are presently meeting and are in the midst of a membership drive..

“In order to be a member we ask that those who want to be involved be a HSU student of color and attend our monthly meetings and events, because our club is a safe environment for our black students to discuss what is happening in the world and share our differences as black students,” Proven leaders said.

Proven is a club that provides a safe space for students who are people of color, and they lead events and fundraisers on campus. “We host fundraisers to fund our club and to sponsor other events so students, faculty and staff can experience our culture,” Proven leaders said. “We also host events for the entire campus like game nights, painting events, movie nights and more.”

In February, Proven hosts its most popular event in celebration of Black History Month, and it is called “Our Night.”

“Our biggest event held during Black History Month is ‘Our Night,’” Proven leaders said. “This event is a celebration of the end of Black History Month. Everyone dresses in their best dress, and you eat great food and have a good time. There’s dancing, conversation, and even a best-dressed prize.’’

Proven is a great organization for people of color to join. They make deep friendships and have a safe community to share thoughts with one another. Plus, they plan fun events to encourage involvement. Check out joining this organization and being part of all the fun they have to offer this year.

You can keep up with Proven events and find out more about joining this organization via their Instagram: @hsuproven.


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