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Proven to Celebrate Black History Month with Our Night

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

By Lyndsey Peace, Editor-in-Chief

In celebration of Black History Month, Proven is hosting an event named Our Night, which will be Friday, Feb. 21 at 7:30 p.m. in Moody Center, Room 333. Our Night is a semi-formal banquet where students can enjoy home cooked food, earn prizes and participate in a photo booth.

Proven is the Black Student Union on campus, and Juwan Crawford, a sophomore business management major and president of Proven, wants to welcome any black students to join.

“Proven is an organization where black people can feel comfortable and treat it as a second home. We call it Proven because we have nothing to prove to anybody. We are just ourselves,” Crawford said.

The main purpose of Our Night is for students to gather together to commemorate Black History Month. “[Our Night] is a dinner or banquet just to celebrate all of the black lives on campus. It is something that is not sports related for us to do, so I think Our Night is something for all black people to come to. This is our night to enjoy, our month that we share and that day will be just for us to have fun,” Crawford said.

Proven is in charge of other performance events on campus, but they wanted Our Night to be different.“[Proven] decided to do this because we are usually the performance group, and we are usually doing something more active instead of sitting down and enjoying the moment. So, this event is a time where we can settle down and not be reminded of the past,” Crawford said.

The event is especially relevant because of February serving as Black History Month and Proven wanted to remind students of the purpose behind the month.

“This month just emphasizes that black lives matter and that we are important. This month is a very inspirational month; not just a month for remembering everything that happened, but a month of celebrating freedom,” Crawford said.

Students should come to Our Night to enjoy free, home cooked southern food and enjoy the company of others. “Dress up, show out and enjoy,” Crawford said.

If you would like to attend Our Night, RSVP by emailing Juwan Crawford at


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