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Ring Ceremony Recap By: Onosetale Eimunjeze

On April 13, Hardin-Simmons University’s May class of 2023 had the opportunity to participate in the annual ring ceremony.

Introduced in 2004 as a gift from the University, graduating students at Hardin Simmons receive a ring engraved with their name, graduation year and the inscription “connected for life”. This ring serves as a symbol of pride, accomplishment and community, allowing graduates to take the spirit of the University anywhere and everywhere they go.

This year’s May graduates had the opportunity to participate in the tradition created and continued by those who had come before them. They received their ring, shook the hand of President Eric Bruntmyer, rang the bell and signed their names in the official ring record beginning their transition from student to alumni.

Kudayah Becky, a graduating biology major from Denton, shared that the ceremony represented a milestone in her college career. “There are significant events that show you that your hard work is paying off, and as a Hardin-Simmons student, this is one of them,” Becky said. Every semester, Becky would attend the ring ceremony to take photos with her friends, but this time, all she could think about was that it was her turn.

This shows how important it is to have traditions that make students feel forever valued and a part of something larger than one’s self. .

Belinda Kalyango, an economics and management major, from Kigali, Rwanda, commented on what the ring ceremony meant to her. She said it “highlights a stepping stone before actually graduating. The ring reflects how hard I have worked and how far I can go. It reminds me that my possibilities are endless and that my achievements will always be celebrated,” Kalyango said.

Hardwork and dedication takes you to heights you only dreamed of before attending college..


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