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Rush Season By: Kaitlyn Beutel

As the weather cools down and the leaves change on the HSU Campus, two seasons begin, the fall season and rush season.

Rush began on Oct. 18, and all the fun will continue through Jan. 31. Rush is a time where students can attend different exciting events where they can get to know the different social clubs and become more familiar with Greek life on campus.

Currently, there are four women’s social clubs: Alpha Iota Omega (AIO), Delta, Phi Phi Phi (Tri Phi), and Sigma Alpha (Sigma), and four men’s clubs which are Kappa Phi Omega (Kappa), Zeta Omega Phi (ZOO), Lambda Alpha Tau (Lambda), and Theta Alpha Zeta (Theta).

Mady Lovett, a sophomore criminal justice major from Redding, Calif., is a member of AIO. According to Lovett, “[Rush season is] just kind of a fun way for people to get to know each other. Through the rush process, I met people who are in different clubs, but because of rushing [we] are still friends.”

Bid day is Feb. 3, and pledging season lasts approximately a month. However, different clubs end the pledging season at different times. Pledging season can look different from club to club, but generally it is a time where a pledge member has the opportunity to learn more about the fraternity or sorority that they pledged to before becoming a member.

Paige Luney, a senior psychology major from Saginaw, is a member of AIO. “Bid day is super exciting because you get all this fun information, and pledging can be a great way to bond with the girls that want to pledge your club too,” Luney said.

Throughout rush season, the social clubs will be hosting different gatherings and events for

students to get familiar with the clubs and get to know other students who are involved in Greek life. Be sure to stay posted on social media to keep up to date with all of the fun.


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