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Spring Break: A Time of Relaxation By: Megan Jewell

Spring break was a much-needed time for many to relax and recharge before meeting the challenges of the remainder of the semester.

From sports and pledging to classes, studying and midterms, this semester has been a fun yet busy and tiring one for most students. Spring break marks a halfway point between the start of the semester to summer and is a restful time to spend with friends and families. Some students choose to go on trips while others choose to spend time seeing their loved ones in their respective hometowns.

Belle Floyd, a psychology major, and Beasley Floyd, a business major, are freshmen twins on the soccer team from Phoenix, Ariz. Unlike many students, they cannot conveniently travel to see their family and friends back home throughout the year, especially as athletes. However,for spring break, they were able to travel back home. The twins shared their excitement before heading home for the week.

“I’m very excited for spring break because I get to fly back home to Arizona.” Beasley said. “I get to spend time with my family and some of my friends from high school that I have not seen in awhile. I also plan on helping my younger sister find a prom dress, and I am so excited to get some much needed rest as well.”

Lydia Jackson is a freshman nursing major from Pleasanton, and she planned on spending her spring break with loved ones. “I’m very excited for spring break, specifically because it is chock full of time spent with friends and family,” Jackson said. “I have missed seeing and catching up with dear friends, and I am looking forward to spending time at the beach as well as going hiking with my church’s youth group. I am so grateful that God has given me so many opportunities during this week to pour into others and to be encouraged by my friends.”

Spring break is such a rejuvenating week for all- whether it’s spending time at home with loved ones or traveling, it is always a welcome time off from school for students.


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