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The Connally Missions Center Prayer Room

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

By: Jonathan Lumpkin

The Connally Missions Center is home to many things: the Baptist Student Ministry (BSM), a lounge, offices and the prayer room. Unfortunately, many people do not know about the peace and solitude provided by and available to all members of the HSU family.

The prayer room is a very important part of the Connally Missions Center. The room is a superb representation of what the BSM and the ministry’s workers hold to be true. The prayer room is the perfect place to be alone and “praise Him in His mighty heavens” (Psalm 150:1 ESV).

This room is especially important for the BSM prayer ministry team, which is led by Abby Pounds. Abby is a junior communication sciences and disorders major from Colleyville.

In the beginning the prayer room was rather sparsely furnished, which isn’t necessarily bad, but the [prayer] ministry team before I was leader, redesigned it,” Pounds said. “They made it more interactive, created a system to leave prayer requests, write prayers on the wall, and furnished [it].”

The prayer room space also comes with a “Do Not Disturb” sign for privacy. Inside there is a stained glass piece of art, which completes the aesthetic of a place to be in solitude with the Lord.

“Many people do not know about the room and those that do either don’t think they can access it after business hours or think that Connally Missions Center will be locked, but the prayer room is open 24/7,” Pounds said.

While Connally Missions Center must be locked outside of its regular business hours for security reasons, the prayer room is always accessible. The room is located in the front of the building with its door, along with an outside door, may be accessed with your HSU student ID card at all times.

If you ever need a silent place to pray, want to pray for people who have left requests or want to sit in a place that embodies the aesthetic of worship, you have an option right around the corner. The Connally Missions Center BSM prayer room is always open to you.


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