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The last Mercury retrograde of 2021 is over, what now? By: Noah Rubel

You may have heard it here first, the last Mercury retrograde of 2021 is over.

This may also have you asking, what is Mercury retrograde? It is one of the worst events that can happen to your astrological sign, and this past one affected quite a few signs: Aries, Virgo, Gemini and Libra.

Scientifically speaking, Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon where from Earth, it looks like Mercury is moving in the opposite direction in the night sky. This happens three times a year and, like stated previously, this usually causes issues for a few astrological signs, or your zodiac sign.

Astrologically speaking, Mercury retrograde is an event that is usually bad news for whatever signs fall into its path. “For the past month, Mercury retrograde in Libra has been wreaking havoc on us, stirring up drama in our relationships, messing with our technology, and disrupting whatever communication skills we thought we had.” This is according to

Mercury retrograde officially ended on Oct. 18, but this was not the end of the dark grey planet's reign of terror. After this retrograde phase, we entered the retroshade phase.

Finally, this phase ended on Nov. 4. What does that mean for the four signs mentioned previously? Well, being an Aries myself, retrograde was up in the air, communication seemed way too difficult and I questioned a lot of my relationships and commitments. Thankfully, for me and a few other signs this time is over. So we are now moving forward to more prosperous times predicted for the end of 2021.

Even though Mercury retrograde only affected four signs this last time around, it happened two other times earlier in the year. I would suggest you go back and see when you were affected and see what happened to you during those periods. This is also a good time to reflect upon these periods and ascertain if anything did change and see if those were harder times for you.

I do not think astrological signs are very important, but something that I would not argue with is that this still gives you a chance to see if you did struggle internally or externally. This also will let you reflect on what you can do to better yourself in some manner. Your own mental health and state of mind are always important, regardless of your reliance on or belief in the importance of planets moving in a certain direction matters or not.


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