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Things To Do Over Spring Break by: Abbey Pardue

Spring Break is coming up quickly, and while some of us will be spending time in the mountains or at Disneyland, others of us will be at home binge-watching movies and wondering what we can do outside of the house. However, the great thing about Texas is that you can never run out of things to do or visit. 

For those of us who love to travel, there are so many fun things to do across the state of Texas. The first exciting thing to do, in my opinion, is heading over to Texas Tulips in Denton. Here, you can pick some gorgeous flowers from what seems like a never-ending field of tulips. There are some different locations in the San Antonio area, as well as many other tulip fields across the state. If you head over to the Dallas area, you have opportunities to taste great food, go to concerts and an almost endless number of museums. 

Outside of the flamboyant activities the Dallas area has to offer, there are many fun activities to do locally. Spring break is a great time to try new things, such as hiking, going to the beach or lake or even something as simple as trying out new coffee shops. Maybe your break will not be filled with travel or excursions. Spending time with family and friends, having movie marathons and playing board games could make for the best Spring Break you have ever had.

For those staying in Abilene, your break can be filled with new experiences. Abilene has an almost limitless selection of coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants to try. If you head downtown, you can grab a coffee from Monk’s, grab a book at 7 & 1 Bookstore, and head over to the Paramount Theater to end your day with a relaxing movie. Even better, stroll over to 2 Profs Ice Cream or Roll Shack, a crepe and rolled ice cream shop, after your movie for a sweet end to your night on the town. 

No matter where you are this spring break, you have the opportunity to make it exciting, memorable and fruitful. During this break, take time to relax, nurture and be in community. 


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