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Throwback Thursday: President Fletcher Wishes You Good Luck During Finals Week By: Alex Guillory

In December of 1983, Hardin-Simmons University President Jesse C. Fletcher wrote a heartfelt letter to the students wishing them good luck on their finals and a Merry Christmas.

President Fletcher served as HSUpresident from 1977-1991. During his tenure, he helped to build academically acclaimed schools of education, theology and nursing. Fletcher held a teaching position within the Logsdon School of Theology as a recognized Baptist historian. He also helped institute three NCAA athletic programs. Fletcher was the second longest serving president of Hardin-Simmons and was inducted into the HSU Hall of Leaders in 2007.

The HSU Brand hopes that President Jesse C. Fletcher’s words still resonate with students today and that they bring a sense of peace and comfort during this stressful finals season. As President Fletcher said, “Have a good time and experience fully the joy of the Christmas season made possible by God’s love in Jesus Christ.”


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