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Throwback Thursday: Things to Do During Spring Break By: Marlee Sorrells

It is safe to say that everyone on campus has been counting down the days to Spring Break. However, sometimes I find myself looking for activities to fill up my break time, since I do not go on trips to ski, surf or swim during my week off.I tend to spend hours scrolling through Instagram when I could be doing something so much healthier.

Brad Bagby, managing editor of The Brand in 2004, wrote a few ideas for students who need something to fill the time. He includes picking up a hobby, something that can be hard to do during school while trying to study, go to classes and work and maintain a social life. Additionally, he reminds students that it is okay to pick up a book and read it, even if it is just a novelization of their favorite movie. Bagby also invites students to begin writing, whether it be a script, song, poem or short story.

My personal favorite idea he presents is for students to reach out to someone in their community and get to know them.

“There is always someone out there just wanting or needing attention,” Bagby said. “Our older citizens are great at telling interesting stories. You can also build up spiritually by working on your ministry skills with your townsfolk. Who knows? You may create some pretty cool friendships and acquaintances.”

(The Brand (Abilene, Tex.), Vol. 91, No. 11, Ed. 1, Tuesday, March 2, 2004)

Another way students can fill up their time is volunteering somewhere in their community. Most cities have a food bank that can always use some help packing and moving different food items for those in need. There are also usually some other hidden gems that could use volunters. For example, my hometown has a library that is run on a volunteer basis and is always looking for more help during school breaks and holidays.

During Spring Break, remember to relax and enjoy not having responsibilities, but remember to not stay tied down by social media and do something different.


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