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Tips for heading home for winter break By: Noah Rubel

Being in college can already be a strange time for most of us. We exist in the awkward tension of being somewhat adults but also still feeling like kids. But, you may ask yourself:

How often should I go home? Navigating this season can be confusing, I am going to give a few tips on leaving or staying on campus for the holiday season.

If you are like me, you might not want to be home for over a month, especially if you live off-campus. Here are some tips for staying on campus for either a little bit of Christmas break or for all of it. The first is to decorate. Living in a dorm can become very monotonous, so grab some lights, a fake tree for less hassle, and maybe some slippers for when it gets cold. The same applies to people off-campus as well. Another tip I have found is to go explore. In Abilene, it can be tough to think of fun new things to do around town. But, there are a ton of places that change things up for the holidays or even throw events. I would suggest checking at the multiple coffee shops in town where you can find a lot of other students in the same boat as you.

Now, there are also some ways to navigate going home for any part of the break. First, check your vehicle and make sure there is nothing wrong before you get on the road. Tires, wiper fluid, headlights, oil, and any other lights that may come up on your dash should be taken care of well before you hit the road. I personally have had my fair share of scares on the road just because of poor tire traction. Also, remember even though you are going home, you are not moving home. Do not over-pack and take too much stuff. You will most likely accumulate more things while you are away so do not fall into the trap where it feels like you have to move in again. On the other hand, make sure to triple-check for everything you may need to take home with you: gifts, clothes, tech, hygiene, etc. The worst thing that can happen is being hundreds or thousands of miles away from Abilene and forgetting that gift for the one family member you see every couple of years.

Last, but certainly not least, enjoy the holidays. Last year was crazy and hectic, so go home safely (without packing too much) and have fun with your family and friends. As we have seen in Christmases past, we may not always get the chance to be with our loved ones. Merry Christmas, happy holidays and happy new year.


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