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Tips For Singles On Valentine’s Day

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

By Annabelle Smallwood, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s Day coming up, there is so much excitement going around. This is the day that everyone has been looking forward to celebrating… at least, those in a relationship.

Valentine’s Day can actually cause those that are single to feel down or left out. This is not how Valentine’s Day should be. In fact, according to HSU students, singles should feel just as loved as those in a relationship.

Ayla Newsome explains that Valentine’s Day is not always about relationships. It is about love. “You can celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family or friends. It’s all about spreading love in any way,” Newsome said.

Makayla Hallford agreed, and elaborated. “Go out with your friends or have a Disney movie night. Show your friends that you love and care about them, too. There are other single people that want to feel loved, so never think that you are alone,” Hallford said.

While loving your friends and family is great, sometimes Valentine’s Day may be just about loving yourself. This is what Serenity Hill thinks is most important.

“Treat yourself to dinner and remind yourself that you don’t need anybody to make you happy. We can be happy and incredible on our own,” Hill said. Focusing on self-love during this holiday can help singles to be excited about it.

Another important thing to remember about Valentine’s Day is that there is half priced chocolate the day after. Now, that’s how you treat yourself! Overall, Valentine’s Day should not be a day that singles dread. Instead, they should be just as active in loving others as anyone else.

Everyone deserves to be loved and appreciated every day of the year. Lucas Lopez shared his thoughts on Valentine’s Day. “When you’re single on Valentine’s Day, you have two options: One, fall into the trap of comparison to others and the demeaning of one’s self. This normally includes lots of ice cream, Netflix and cuddling with pets. Two, find greater joy in the relationships that you do have and make everyone who has made you happy feel extra loved. Oddly enough, this also includes lots of Netflix, ice cream and pets. The mindset is different, and that’s what matters,” Lopez said.


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