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What do Women Really Want for Valentine’s Day? By: Lauren Jackson

With the “day of love” approaching quickly, the hunt to find the perfect Valentine’s gift has kicked into high gear. Although many may say that flowers and chocolate are by far the best Valentine’s Day gifts, we decided to put that theory to the test by creating a campus-wide poll.

With our poll options including flowers, chocolate, teddy bear, date night, a night alone, a proposal, new shoes, a puppy, nothing, “it's complicated”, and other, our results came down to two top contenders. Out of one-hundred and seventeen responses, the answer winning by five votes was date night.

Due to the poll being submitted anonymously, we wanted to see if there was any difference between men’s and women’s answers for what they personally wanted for Valentine’s Day. Because of the winning vote being date night, we also wanted to know what their dream date night would look like.

Abigail Dopler, senior accounting major from Caddo Mills, stated what she would like for Valentine’s Day is “a movie night with friends, filled with popcorn and lots of chocolate.” Her dream date night would consist of a drive-in movie followed by some stargazing. Calynne Cordes, junior biology major from Amarillo, expressed that she does not need a man this holiday season. Instead, she just wants a “stress-free night in with friends.” Her dream date would consist of axe throwing, because of her “fun and adventurous nature.”

Although the women were leaning more toward wanting to stay in with friends, the men had more of a night out mindset. Kennedy Vaughn, junior kinesiology major from Burleson, excitedly expressed that he wants “heart shaped boxed chocolate and 16 white roses this year.” His dream date night would consist of “dining in at [his] favorite mexican restaurant, Fresco’s, and then later watching an animated trilogy, such as Cars or Kung Fu Panda.” Noel Salinas, senior engineering technology major from Fort Worth, stated that he would like to be surprised this year. “I think it would be fun to just go through the day and make plans as you go,” Salinas said. His dream date would consist of “going to the arcade and later watching a movie. Simple nights make the best nights.”

No matter your preference on gifts or even choice of stay, Valentine’s Day continues to be a guilt-free day guaranteed to be filled with sweets, love and adventure


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