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Winner Winner Dining Hall Dinner, Construction Update By: Victoria Roach

The Caf, the dining hall, the cafeteria. . .

Regardless of what you call it, it is the one place on campus every student has been. The Caf is in the process of changing for the better in the near future. Already in progress, a major update to The Caf is beginning with significant expansion.

In an interview with President Eric Bruntmyer, he talked about how Hardin-Simmons University is expanding The Caf to make it a better experience for students. There will be more seating and more variety of seating for students with better access to outlets to make for a more comfortable eating and homework environment. There will be an expansion to both the dining room itself and the kitchen. The expansion in the kitchen will make for greater efficiency and the possibility for more food options during lunch and dinner. This expansion will make for a smoother dining experience with a more productive use of space.

When walking through the current construction on campus, President Bruntmyer showed me where the new opening for the Caf will be. The old mailroom window will be the new entrance to The Caf and the current entrance will become the exit after construction is complete thus making entering the dining facility quicker. The Caf will also have an entrance to the new Presidential Dining Room.

The reason for all the renovations on campus, according to President Bruntmyer, is that we are better than we ever have been, but we are not the best that we will be. HSU is going to keep getting better for students.


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