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Working for The HSU Brand By: Emily Williamson

I still remember the day that I saw a message in my school email inbox with this subject line: WORK FOR THE HSU BRAND. Intrigued, I opened the message. That moment led me to one of the most incredible work opportunities in my college experience.

In high school, I served as yearbook editor for two years in a row. When I arrived at Hardin-Simmons University in the fall of 2019, I did not expect to find a similar opportunity. Writing and editing for The HSU Brand has provided me with networking experience, friendships and opportunities to stay connected with students and faculty across HSU. At my first staff meeting, I remember being nervous. What if I wasn’t a good enough writer? What if I chickened out on an interview? Would it be impossible to find story ideas every week?

Thanks to our incredible faculty and staff advisors, Dr. Tim Chandler and Dr. Randy Armstrong, and the current staff, my worries quickly went away. I was taught how to put together a story, how to conduct interviews, and how to highlight the most incredible stories and people on HSU’s campus. Plus, it came with a paycheck.

The HSU Brand is always looking for new staff members to write stories, take pictures, create eye-catching graphics and help formulate connections with all groups on campus. As I step into the position of editor of The HSU Brand, I look forward to teaching new staff members just as I was taught several years ago.

If you are looking for an on-campus job that is flexible but worthwhile, we want you to consider joining our HSU Brand staff family. We are looking for more writers, photographers, videographers and creative individuals all the time to continue making our student publication the best it can be. Without students like you, The HSU Brand would not be possible.

If you would like to learn more about working for The HSU Brand or feel that you have something to offer that was not described above, I would love to connect with you and have you join our team. All inquiries or other messages can be sent to


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