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24-Hour Shakespeare by: Brett Briggeman

At Hardin-Simmons University, students are encouraged to attend theatrical events on campus. This Saturday, the HSU Theatre Department will host an event known as 24-Hour Shakespeare. It will be performed for the public on Saturday at 7 p.m.

MacKenzie Corum, a junior theatre education major from Fort Worth is the director of the event. Gracie Ridings, a senior theatre major from Abilene is the technical director.. Brendan Lambert, a sophomore threatre major from Merkel, is serving as the acting/Shakespeare coach and will also be performing in the play.

"A play written by William Shakespeare is selected by the directors to be performed," Corum stated. "The actors discover the show at the beginning of the 24-hour rehearsal process. We begin with a read-through of the show, discussing the plot and themes. We then start placing the set pieces on the stage, blocking the show and adding technical elements like lights, sound and costumes for all run-throughs before the performance. All of the participants will spend the night at the theater."

This event pushes actors out of their comfort zones, giving them only 24 hours to prepare and perform a show without any foreknowledge about the script. 

"I love Shakespeare, so getting to perform is so special to me," Corum said. "This production is completely optional, so it adds more comradery to the department. Also, putting a show together in 24 hours creates many fun memories and good laughs."  

This will be Corum’s first time directing a play before Direct Fest in May.

"My favorite part is directing the play. I am a theatre education major so I will be directing productions at a middle school or high school level [in my future]. Also, I look forward to the new memories I will gain." 

This year's play will be an abridged version of Julius Caesar that runs for about one hour. The process for the actors begins on Feb. 23 at 6 p.m. 

"Not only are theater majors/minors involved," Corum said, "we also have two members outside the department joining us. We would love for anyone to come see."


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