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A Closer Look at COVID-19 and Intramural Sports

By: Savannah Stutevoss

Intramural sports are alive and well at HSU this semester, even with COVID-19. During intramural activities, all students are still required to follow COVID-19 guidelines and wear masks.

Nevertheless, participation did not decrease and the competitor rate was consistent. The largest event was softball, consisting of 19 teams and 170 participants. So far, 320 students were able to compete in intramurals this semester.

There have been nine intramural opportunities this semester, three major and six minor. Major events involve a higher number of participants in a three-week league with a championship, while minor events usually consist of 1-2 day tournaments. The major events were softball, kickball and dodgeball, and the minor events included cornhole, battleship canoes, pass punt kick competition and a 3-point competition. There are still two events remaining this semester. A pong tournament will be held on Nov. 12 and a spikeball tournament on Nov. 18.

Chet Griffith, coordinator for Intramural and Recreation Sports, began working for HSU students at the beginning of this semester.

“I moved here from Illinois and have a professional background in intramural and club sports,” Griffith said. “My goal for the semester was to allow students opportunities to compete and have fun on campus while being safe and mindful of the current COVID situation. Although there are always risks that come with COVID, sports and physical activities are needed to help students stay healthy physically and especially mentally.”

Griffith is already looking towards next semester, with many events planned, including volleyball. Sadly, the National Intramural and Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) did not allow some sports to be played this semester due to the requisite close-player contact. However, NIRSA is now allowing 2v2, 3v3, and possibly 4v4 volleyball games for spring 2021. Hopefully, more sports will continue to follow.

Griffith and all participants are happy that this semester was successful and that plans are already being formulated for next year.

“My intramural officials and supervisors did an awesome job this year with COVID procedures,” Griffith said. “Constantly wearing masks, wiping down equipment and of course ensuring social distancing whenever students became too close. The students also did an awesome job complying with COVID procedures and truly made the semester run much smoother.”

We are so happy to have intramurals here at HSU. Make sure to sign up for the remaining two events and be on the lookout for tournaments next season! All students interested can sign up on or email


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