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April Fools’ Throwback Thursday By: Jonathan Lumpkin

On this April Fool’s day publication of The Brand, we look back to 1991’s publication of “The Bland”. At various times in the long history of the Brand (established in 1916) there have been April Fool’s Day Issues with various titles. The “Bland” is just the latest example of this great tradition.

This sample article is rather humorous and was a very fun, quick read. The ducks of Hardin-Simmons University apparently caused quite a “‘campus ruckus”. It seems as if they have mellowed out nowadays, because I personally have been fortunate enough to not see any of the ‘ruckus’ discussed in the ‘91 article. The ducks of HSU today have been an amazing sight to see for all who cross near the pond, but they were definitely controversial back in the 90s. They seemed to be all the rage for certain people then, as there were social groups formed around them. Even the Vatican was reached out to concerning the situation. Here is the ‘duck ruckus’ article. Thankfully Gilbert the goose has not run “afowl” of campus rules or regulations as of yet.

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