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Basketball Then and Now By: Haleigh Smith

According to The Brand publication of 1916, the Simmons basketball team (now known as Hardin-Simmons Cowboys) would meet up with the local Abilene High School for practice games. The Cowboys were able to show superior skills in handling the ball and in their use of teamwork. Coach Roy Bradley was the coach for the Cowboys during this time and made a point to use several new players to show great improvement. The prep work was well displayed based on the enthusiasm of the crowd.

According to Hardin-Simmons University: A Centennial History by A. Yvonne Stackhouse, Bradley was a student athlete here at HSU, batting .477 in 1914. Bradley began coaching basketball and baseball at Simmons College (HSU) after Coach H.D. Martin went to fight in World War I. Bradley remained at Simmons after Martin returned in 1919.

After interviewing two current members of the Hardin-Simmons University basketball team, I was able to gather some great information about how basketball has changed over the years. and as well as the goals for the upcoming season and what they are doing in preparation. Sophomore point-guard Jordyn Vicente is from Fort Worth studying exercise science. Vicente was able to share a lot of knowledge about how basketball has changed over the years. The three-point line was incorporated into the game for college in 1987. It changed the game for the better because it made it easier to shoot successfully there than from mid-court. According to Vicente, the game today involves better offense, better technique, better form and playing smarter with advanced dribbles.

Senior Caleb Young, a kinesiology major and the head assistant coach from DeSoto, shared with me the goals and preparation work for this season. The goals they have set for this upcoming season are to get better every single day, letting their preparation take care of the game days. They want to be the most prepared team on the court every time they step into the gym. Last year they were confident but they lost to a half-court buzzer. Vicente stated this year they plan to “shoot for the stars.”

As they prepare for the season, great teamwork on the court is a primary goal. Their motto is #justus, which promotes unity and unselfishness within their team. They strive to be a family and make sure every player feels loved and appreciated on and off the court.


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