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BSM Night of Worship by: Brett Briggeman

On Jan. 24, Hardin-Simmons University Baptist Student Ministries (BSM) hosted their monthly Night of Worship. The next Night of Worship will be Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. in Connally Missions Center.

“Night of Worship is something we do with the intent of trying to come alongside students to provide an opportunity to slow down and refocus their hearts on God,” BSM Director Manny Silva said. “The real heart behind it is to allow college students to find a good time to rest once a month.”

For these events, the BSM partners along with the HSU Chapel team come together chooses a theme to help encourage students through the next month. The event also ends with a time of prayer for students to reflect on the theme and receive encouragement from the BSM leaders.

“Elijah Arias led this last event,” Silva said. “What he wanted to discuss or lead worship over was just the name of victory we have in Jesus, so he picked four songs that concentrate  on victory. For appropriate themes, we typically structure around something that brings the heart back to Jesus.”

The first Night of Worships did not have a time of fellowship following the main event. This past year, they have included pancakes and time with community after worship.

“I think it's just been really fun just to continue that same idea of providing rest,” Silva said. “College students can get busy. Just having time to have pancakes, to talk, to hang out, and most of all to build on this newly created fellowship” 

Student leaders for BSM help out with the Night of Worship. Their job is to help everyone feel welcome and connected with others.

“What we'll say to them is, there's someone you haven't met yet, get to know them,” Silva said. “We know a few of our leaders met some new people last night and are going to grab coffee with them here pretty soon.” 

The BSM wants to encourage everyone to attend the next Night of Worship. HSU strives to have a strong connection with people, which is exemplified in events hosted by BSM.

“It's a great time,” Silva said. “I know that a lot of times when I was in college when looking at events, there's always this fear of, ‘Oh, man, I don't know if I'm going to know anyone who is there. Then the awkward mode can rule or even ruin the evening. But our goal is that this person who comes would get to meet even just one of us.” 

The time we have together is special, especially when we have the opportunity to worship and pray for one another. If you are considering coming to our next BSM night of worship, I would highly recommend it. Come for the worship, stay for the pancakes.

“Wherever you are in your faith, whether you're close to God now or questioning God, or even if you feel very far from God, there is no requirement to come to the Night of Worship,” Silva said. “I'm very encouraged by student participation.”


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