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Chapel Preview

By Rowdy Teaff, News Editor

Chapel credit is a requirement to graduate from Hardin-Simmons University, but our chaplain Dr. Travis Craver wants to facilitate growth and reflection to students as they come and participate in chapel.

“[The main purpose is] to engage faculty, staff and students in positive reflection, learning and development of their Christian faith through a combination of formal, and informal, teaching and learning opportunities,” Craver said.

Craver wants everyone on campus to understand that faith is more than just good deeds or kind words.

“My main goal is for faculty, staff and students to grow in a knowledge of understanding that on our own merit, whether that be good deeds or obtaining knowledge, means nothing without approaching an endeavor without the right posture of humility,” Craver said.

Finding a favorite memory from chapel can be difficult, but Craver always looks forward to some events that occur each semester.

“I always love hearing the students share their perspectives on faith, school and life balance. I always love those. I obviously love hearing the different speakers’ perspectives, and they all bring different perspectives. The student pieces are always my favorite chapels, and the multicultural days are my favorite. I love them all though,” Craver said.

To get the most out of chapel, the best thing students can do is be present.

“Just be willing to discard of any distractions… to be willing to be stretched a little. Most importantly feel free to worship in however the spirit moves you,” Craver said.

Chapel is every Tuesday of the semester at 9:30 a.m. and is open for faculty, staff and students to come together and worship.


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