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Chapel Preview: Dr. Jerry Taylor

By Skylar Bell Brenner, Entertainment Editor

On Tuesday, Nov. 12 and Tuesday, Nov. 19, at 9:30 a.m., Dr. Jerry Taylor, associate professor of Bible at Abilene Christian University, will deliver a message in Behrens Chapel.

His message will be based on the theme “Can I see?” Dr. Taylor will discuss learning to see from another point of view.

Dr. Travis Craver, director of Chapel and Spiritual Formation, invited Dr. Taylor to speak at chapel and provided some background information. “In 1984, [Dr. Taylor] earned a bachelor of arts in Bible from Southwestern Christian College in Terrell. He earned two graduate degrees from the Perkins School of Theology at Southern Methodist University, a master of divinity in 1988 and a doctor of ministry in 1995,” Dr. Craver said.

“Before moving to Abilene, [Dr. Taylor] and his family served in the Bankhead area of the inner city of Atlanta, Ga. Dr. Taylor travels extensively, speaking on college campuses, conferences and retreats,” Dr. Craver said.

Dr. Taylor is also the author of “Courageous Compassion: A Prophetic Homiletic in Service to the Church”, which presents ten of Dr. Taylor’s sermons.

“[Dr. Taylor] has begun many initiatives such as the New Wineskins Retreat, the National Freedom in Christ Conference, the Young Scholars Retreat, and most recently the Racial Unity Leadership Summit (RULS) and RULS Spiritual Retreat,” Dr. Craver stated.

Dr. Craver asked Dr. Taylor to speak because he believes Dr. Taylor’s message will appeal to the students, staff and faculty at Hardin-Simmons University.

“Dr. Taylor will speak from the theme ‘Can I see?’ He will share what it looks like to see from another perspective lens. I asked Dr. Taylor to speak because he’s an incredibly gifted speaker and one that I think has a message that will resonate deeply with our university. I know we all will benefit greatly from Dr. Taylor’s message,” Dr. Craver said.

Dr. Craver hopes that all HSU students will attend chapel to hear Dr. Taylor’s message, as well as every other chapel, as it is an opportunity to spend time in worship and to hear an impactful message.

“My encouragement to students and everyone at HSU is to always come because each message has the ability to transform, encourage, enlighten and gift us with a knowledge of Christ anew every time,” Dr. Craver said.


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