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Chaplain Dr. Travis Craver Reflects on Chapel

By Rowdy Teaff, News Editor

As the semester reaches the halfway mark, Hardin-Simmons University’s chaplain Dr. Travis Craver has enjoyed the chapel services thus far.

“Chapel has been really good so far, and it has been a good mixture of voices. I’ve had good feedback from faculty, students and staff. I think a lot of the feedback comes from the faculty and staff enjoying what the students are learning, where they are at and things like that.” Craver said.

Craver wanted to focus on every point of view that he could think of in chapel this semester. “I think this semester is different from past semesters because the focus is on touching a variety of people in society. Whether that’s a teaching pastor, someone that can touch on spaces that work with the homeless field, the teaching field and so on. We are trying to touch on every area that we can think of,” Craver said.

Chapel is a time of community that allows for people from around campus to learn and reflect on their walks with Christ. “I think the best part of chapel for me is always seeing the faculty, staff and students worshipping. I think that is the best part for me because it is a moment where I see that we are all in this walk together. There is no faculty or staff, major or minor, just one community being able to sit back and observe everyone worshipping and trying to learn more. Seeing those walls come down, and hearing people worship God, and being reminded who he is are the best parts of chapel for me.” Craver said.

Chapel is a time for everyone to learn. Students, faculty and staff are invited so that they can take time to worship. Craver has had some strong reflections so far this semester. “It is important as a believer for me to learn to live inside out. Living inside out lets me make sure that I know that the inside is a work in progress that is growing, changing and evolving. The outward response of that is to live from the king, and his kingdom, and to live in ways that are a manifestation of the heart from living inside out,” Craver said.

Chapel hour will continue every Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. until Nov. 19.


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