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Club Feature: Sangre By: Lauren Scincerney

Hispanic Heritage Month is a celebration of the Latino and Hispanic communities’ history, culture and appreciation.

Originally, the celebration only lasted a week. It started in 1986 with President Lyndon B.Johnson. In 1988, President Ronald Reagan signed into law a 30-day Hispanic Heritage Month. In 2023, the celebration started on September 15 and lasted through October 15.

Many cities in America hosted parties, concerts, parades, festivals and more during this month in celebration. People also celebrated by watching award shows that showcase the many achievements of Latinos and Hispanics and their many contributions to our nation's history.

Here at Hardin Simmons University, there is a Latin Student Union, also known as Sangre. They are a student organization that creates a community where everyone is welcome. The club welcomes all people to join, not just Latino or Hispanic students. They invite everyone to come to their events and to be involved in Latino culture. During Hispanic Heritage Month, they hosted events every week including a soccer game and a fiesta. They now plan on hosting an event every month. The next event will be a Hispanic Bingo called “Loteria.”

“I enjoy the connections and how I was able to find a place and have a community like the one I grew up in,” Mikael Echevest, a junior strategic communications major from Fort Worth, said. Mikael is also the Member Liaison for Sangre. He said that even when you are far away from home and your family, you can find a new family of friends and a great community that welcomes all.

If you are looking for a community that will welcome and support you and you would like to join the Latin Student Union then there are a few ways. There is a Sangre GroupMe that is available for anyone to join. You can join at or by scanning the QR Code attached to this story. You could also message Mikael Echevest to help you join the group. There are also meetings and events that you could attend. Lastly, you may follow the HSU Latin Student Union Instagram @hsusangre.


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