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Exercise Science Major, Kendell Groom, Details HSU PT Interview Process

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Ellie Ratliff, Sports Editor

The Hardin-Simmons University Doctor of Physical Therapy program is a highly selective, rigorous program that continues to integrate learning and faith. It is one of the top physical therapy schools in Texas. Recently, prospective students went through the interview portion of the application process. Many students at HSU interviewed, one of which was Kendell Groom, a senior exercise science major at HSU.

Groom explained more about the interview process. “We got to the new PT [physical therapy] building and first sat through a presentation about the PT [physical therapy] program and what it has to offer us. During this presentation, the professors were also introduced. After this we had lunch, and during this time we were able to meet current students, as well as prospective students. Then I went into my interview, which consisted of a professor and two students,” Groom said.

Groom’s favorite part of the day was the initial presentation, where she really got a feel for the program. “I was able to really get a feel of the people in the program as well as its mission, which is ran by a desire for excellence and an education enlightened by faith. The professors and students are truly the ones who make the program like no others around. The HSU DPT program is extremely reputable and unique. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it,” Groom said.

There are many aspects of the HSU DPT program that set it apart from others. The new building has a physical therapy rehabilitation lab, as well as a human cadaver anatomy lab, so the students can get hands-on experience. Students also have the opportunity to go on international trips to serve other communities.

“During this trip, [students] work on physical therapy, but also make wheelchairs and other accessories to help both the children and families. The video that was played about this trip during the presentation brought me to tears. I cannot wait to use my knowledge and love for service and people to change lives in the years to come,” Groom said.

Now that Groom has been through the interview process, she gave advice to students who are looking to apply to the HSU Physical Therapy program. “Apply early and stay focused. The application process can be lengthy and stressful but being on the other side of the interviews now and since I have been accepted, I can honestly say it was so worth the long nights and numerous essays,” Groom said.

The interview process may seem daunting, but Groom encourages potential applicants to be themselves. “Go into the interview confident in who you are, speak from your heart and just speak about your passion for PT [physical therapy] and HSU. If you are meant to be there, God will open that door. Pray through the process and praise through the acceptance,” Groom said.


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