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Get Involved in Intramurals

By Rowdy Teaff, News Editor

Hardin-Simmons University Recreation (UREC) has many opportunities for students to get involved. Dr. Edgar Reed has a specific culture in mind for UREC and intramural sports.

“The biggest purpose for us is to make sure we provide recreational and competitive environments on campus for everyone to have access to. We are trying to provide a space for lifelong learning and wellness for all walks of life. That is why the motto on all of our shirts is ‘where character meets competition’. It is supposed to be a safe space for all walks of life to come together and have a recreational experience, and that is the purpose for our [UREC’s] existence,” Reed said.

For those wanting to get involved with intramurals, there are multiple ways to get information.

“Our website, under student affairs and UREC, is one of our biggest resources. Donavon Hailey is our coordinator for intramurals, he is our go to guy. We also hire people, we don’t only provide a place to have the experience, but we also employ the most students out of anyone on campus. This is a space for people to work and try and boost their resumes as well,” Reed said.

Reed further explained how to get involved with UREC.

“If they [students] are wanting to learn how to get involved, we have tables at stampede, we have a website and an Instagram and Facebook page and chapel announcements for upcoming events are good as well.”

Reed wants students to get plugged in so they can get the most out of intramurals and HSU.

“We know right now, statistically, that people who don’t get involved don’t make it. Get plugged in early and quickly so you can get a good experience. Find something you enjoy- a club that you want to be a part of and are interested in. Be a part of something, if you aren’t for sure, give it a try and see if it is something you want to be a part of,” Reed said.

There are more opportunities for those who don’t wish to participate in sports.

“If you don’t like playing anything, then come and work for us and be a part of our team. Teams are not just for playing sports, we provide a lot of different ways for work ethics and teams to provide a safe place to work in as well,” Reed said.

With the new fitness center, more opportunities have been created for both sports and jobs.

“We have a true rec center now with team leaders and student attendants for each area that we’ve never had before. We’ve been building into that, but now we have gotten better and better each year. We have made some big changes with the new fitness center,” Reed said.

Intramural sports for the fall will be posted around campus, as well as on the UREC website and social media pages. Their Instagram handle is @hsutx_urec and their Facebook page is “Hardin-Simmons University Rec Sports (@HSUTXRecSports)”.


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