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Greek Week Recap By: Marlee Sorrells

Hardin-Simmons University’s Greek social clubs held “Greek Week” to advertise before rush events begin on Oct. 17. Members hosted information tables during lunches and students participated in Greek Games which included slip and slide kickball, a relay game and tug of war at the intramural fields.

“I really enjoyed getting to meet everyone and see what the clubs have to offer,” Ashleigh Power, a freshman chemistry major from Hurst, said. “I wasn’t going to rush but I think I might go to a few of the events.”

Delta cultivates an awareness of the need for refinement in every social situation, to make social relationships a contribution to the spirit of the University and promote school loyalty. They also encourage a sense of leadership through participation activities through the organization.

“We’re all different and involved in different things,” Maggie Coleman, a senior speech pathology major from Fort Worth, said. “But we still come together to form a really well-connected sisterhood.”

Phi Phi Phi, also known as Tri Phi, bases their mission on Colossians 2:2. They hope to form a community united in love and in pursuit of God.

“Tri Phi is a club full of really amazing girls that prioritize consistent kindness and friendship built upon the foundation of encouragement and laughter,” Elizabeth Clancy, a junior marketing and management double major from Abilene, said. “We are sisters through and through. My favorite part is how real I feel like I can be.”

Sigma Alpha promotes Christian fellowship and a close sisterhood among women with high moral standards. They support all campus activities and show loyalty toward Hardin-Simmons.

“Sigma Alpha is a Christ-centered social club,” Jade Spangler, a sophomore elementary education major from Abilene, said. “All the girls are involved in different organizations and activities along with Sigma Alpha so we’re a diverse group.”

Alpha Iota Omega promotes and develops Christian sisterhood, and encourages and supports HSU. They do philanthropy projects and grow not only with each other but also with Christ.

“Our club is diverse activity-wise,” Alana Hatfield, sophomore elementary education major from Waco, said. “We have a lot of people that do a lot of different things and I think that’s what makes us special. We don’t all enjoy doing the same thing so it makes the group unique.”

Lambda Alpha Tau promotes a lifelong pursuit of Christ and of the truth. They instill a sense of duty in all men of like minds, encourage excellence in academic pursuits and pursue to grow a strong sense of respect for all.

“Lambda is a group of accepting, loving, Christ-following men,” Zach Valentine, a senior psychology major from Abilene, said. “We also call ourselves the silly boys because we like to consider ourselves pretty lighthearted and goofy guys. I would say my favorite part of Lambda is how much support I feel from the guys in the club. I know if I need something, I have a group of people who would drop anything to be at my side.”

Kappa Phi Omega is dedicated to providing a club for men to improve themselves and grow into the men God created them to be. They aim to build brotherhood and serve others.

“Kappa welcomes all people no matter who you are or where you come from,” Mikael Echeveste, a sophomore strategic communication major from Fort Worth, said. “Rushing is going to be great this year.”

Theta Alpha Zeta promotes faith and good moral character, cultivates personal growth and development, and encourages excellence in academic endeavors. They aim to develop and improve leadership skills and conduct worthwhile service projects.

“I would describe Theta as a close knit group of brothers, striving to become greater men and grow in their faith here at Hardin-Simmons,” Jorge Luis Del-Rio, a senior computer science and business double major from Groesbeck, said. “My favorite part of Theta is the unity that comes within each man here, and the commitment they have to each other’s back and make sure that they are there for each other, no matter what it is.”

If you missed out on meeting with the HSU Greek clubs last week, make sure to keep an eye out for them around campus. The first all-Greek rush event is scheduled for Tuesday, Oct. 18.


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