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Guide to Campus/Student Amenities

By Brianna Cravens, Copy Editor

Welcome to the forty acres! Transitioning into college is a big change, but Hardin-Simmons University provides many convenient places on campus to access the essentials.

The Richardson Library has three floors and is a great place to utilize for studying and school-related resources.

The first floor of Richardson Library has quick-access computers that don’t require a sign in or log out so you can quickly print. The circulation desk allows students to check in or out books and to reserve items. You can also get free color printing for school-related prints.

The second floor of the library is the quiet floor and it provides private work spaces and computers for students. There’s a room across from the women’s restroom that has a printer for the computers, a scanner that uploads documents to a USB drive and different office supplies such as a stapler and hole punch.

The third floor of the library has several study rooms with many white boards that are perfect for study groups. There are also oversized booths that are comfortable for studying for long periods of times.

The Writing Center is a free, student-focused resource that serves to help students with their writing. It has two locations; the first location can be found on the first floor of the library and the other location is on the third floor of Abilene Hall.

Gilbert’s Coffee Shop is located at the entrance of Richardson Library and serves Starbucks coffee and tea, along with pastries and sandwiches.

At Gilbert’s Coffee Shop and the P.O.D (Provisions on Demand), students can use their Dining Dollars which are put on to their student ID card. The amount of Dining Dollars is based on the meal plan that you have.

The Moody Student Center houses many helpful resources for students. In the basement of Moody Center, you can find a lounge area where students can hang out. This level also features a bowling alley. The police station is also located in the basement of Moody.

The main level of Moody Center includes the campus bookstore and the post office where you can send and receive mail. The Dining Hall or Caf, along with the P.O.D can also be found on the main level.

The second floor of Moody includes many computers and a lounge area for students. When the library is closed on Saturday’s, this is the perfect spot to utilize the computers and printer for weekend homework. On this floor, you can also find Student Life offices such as Residence Life, Career Service and Counseling Services.

In Sandefer Memorial, located to the east of Richardson Library, you can access several helpful offices. The first floor includes the Registrar’s Office where students can go to gather documents such as transcripts or their progress at HSU. It also includes the Academic Advising Center and Disability Services.

The second floor of Sandefer Memorial includes the Business Office, Cashier Window and the Financial Aid Office. On the third floor, you can find the Payroll Office.

The Fletcher Fitness Center, located north of the Mabee Athletic Complex and south of Shelton Stadium, features free weights, cardio equipment and matrix equipment. The facility also has an indoor soccer field, basketball and volleyball courts and pickleball and badminton.

There is an elevated indoor track on the second floor of the Fitness Center and the Human Performance Lab is housed on the second floor as well. The facility has men and women’s locker rooms available to students, complete with showers.

Through the Fitness Center, you can access the Brand Swimming Pool, which is available for HSU students.

Near the pool is the Parramore Field within Shelton Stadium where there is a track on the outside of the football field available for students.

The Intramural Fields are located on the north side of Sid Richardson Science Center. It has a large grass field, sand volleyball courts and basketball courts.

In Van Ellis Theatre or Woodward-Dellis Recital Hall, many recitals, plays and musicals will take place. Both of these location’s entrances face the east side of campus. Art exhibits are held in the Ira M. Taylor Memorial Gallery within the Frost Center for the Visual Arts.


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