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Holiday Showdown: Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas?

By Caitlin Dunnells, Staff Reporter

The holiday season is right around the corner. Students are preparing for and or have already celebrated some of their favorite holidays including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.

These holidays are celebrated in numerous ways. Some students travel, while others stay at home to celebrate. Hardin-Simmons University students were asked about their favorite holiday and some traditions they participate in.

Halloween is celebrated on Oct. 31 and is celebrated with trick or treating, parties and candy. The holiday is associated with dressing up and having fun with friends and family.

Nicole Dunnells, a freshman at Hardin-Simmons University, claimed Halloween to be her favorite holiday. “Everyone gets all dressed up and becomes more extroverted. My favorite Halloween tradition is watching spooky movies with my friends,” Dunnells said.

Thanksgiving is a holiday celebrated toward the end of November. This holiday is known for eating, giving thanks and coming together with the family. There are several traditions that different families and students have during this holiday.

Caitlyn Smith, a junior at HSU, said her favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. “I love Thanksgiving because of the food. One memory I will always remember is fighting for a seat at the ‘cool table,’” Smith said.

Brea Harrison, a senior at HSU, also loves Thanksgiving. “I love the history of Thanksgiving. The history of how the holiday came to be has such a deep meaning. Thanksgiving is a time where family can come together over good food,” Harrison said.

Thanksgiving is also a time when people can get away from the cold of outside and enjoy the company inside. “I love the warmth of the holiday. It may be cold outside, but the inside of the house is full of warmth, laughter, love and a big family gathering,” Harrison said.

The last holiday in the showdown is Christmas. Christmas is an important holiday for Christians because it is the day of Christ’s birth. It is also known for its lights, presents, love and company. Several students claimed Christmas as their favorite holiday.

“Christmas is my favorite holiday because not only is it just a fun time of the year between all the movies, music and Christmas lights, but it is also a time of the year where my family comes together,” said senior Leah Dumas.

“Christmas is a time when my family comes together and I don’t get to see them a lot,” said freshman DJ Carter.

Christmas comes with many different traditions. Some families drive around to enjoy the Christmas lights, while others stay snuggled under blankets at home watching Christmas movies. “Some of my favorite memories around Christmas time are driving around with my family drinking hot chocolate and looking at Christmas lights. I also enjoy going to candlelight services at church on Christmas Eve,” Dumas said.

“Christmas brunch is the best. My family gets the best bacon we can find, and we all wear Christmas socks,” Carter said.

Ashleigh Brock, a freshman at HSU also loves Christmas and all the traditions that come with it. “I love the music, the sweaters, time with my family, cookies and presents. My favorite traditions are getting into pjs, drinking eggnog and opening presents from family members on Christmas Eve. Then, on Christmas morning we wake up and open presents from Santa,” Brock said.


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