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Homecoming Weekend Ends with Family Worship Service

By Madison Boboltz , Staff Writer

Homecoming weekend will conclude with a family worship service at 9 a.m. on Sunday, Oct. 20 in Logsdon Chapel.

First, the Cowboy Band will open the service by playing a medley of hymns called “Camp Meetin.” Last year was the first year the Cowboy Band performed in Logsdon Chapel for the family worship service, which both Allison Goodwin, director of Alumni and Donor Engagement, and Jenn Waldmann, assistant vice president of Advancement for Alumni and Donor Engagement, described as “awe-inspiring” and “fantastic.”

“It made the day. It gently wakes you up. It’s beautiful. It sets the tone. It welcomes you and envelopes you in a feeling that everything is going to be okay. Logsdon chapel is also so beautiful at that time in the morning,” Waldmann said.

“To see our Cowboy Band reverent in a place like Logsdon is amazing. It’s also nostalgic for some of us to hear old hymns. A lot of us worship in contemporary settings, but hearing old hymns brings us back to our childhood. Those songs are filled with so many truths and biblical references. And, while it is nostalgic for some of us, it is present day for our alumni because a lot of them worship a bit more traditionally. So it includes everyone,” Goodwin added.

Worship will then be led by HSU’s Gospel Choir, Selah, which is led by Khamisie Green, assistant director of housing.

“Selah is going to do a compilation of old hymns, work in a contemporary piece and then tie it back into the old hymns, so it will be a good blend of traditional and contemporary elements of worship,” Goodwin said.

Then, distinguished alumni award recipient Brigadier General Ron Harvell and his wife Marsha Mills Harvell, both of the class of 1983, will bring the message. Mr. Harvell will preach, and Mrs. Harvell will share her testimony.

Afterwards, a reception will be held across the hall where attendees may enjoy a continental breakfast. Waldmann described the event as overall very welcoming and casual.

“We tell people to come as they are. If they show up in jeans and a sweatshirt, that is just fine. A lot of people are getting ready to get back on the road to go home, so we want them to be comfortable. You will see people in all sorts of dress, and all sorts of manners, but we want it to feel as welcoming as possible,” Waldmann said.

In addition to participating in this unique and meaningful worship service, students who attend may also receive chapel credit.


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