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How to Stay Fit in College

By Ali Richardson, Staff Writer

Staying fit in the midst of a busy course schedule can be a challenge, but Hardin-Simmons University offers a couple of ways to help you stay fit and avoid the dreaded “freshman fifteen.”

The Dr. Jesse C. and Dorothy J. Fletcher Fitness Center is HSU’s large indoor center that features a variety of machines, free weights, a volleyball court, basketball court, a turf field as well as a track.

HSU students shared advice for getting or staying fit in college.

“I just to stick to eating healthy vegetables and going to the gym once a day,” said Spencer Wendell, a freshman at HSU.

“One thing that has been really nice about Hardin-Simmons University is the new workout facility, its easy to go there and get a workout in. Its fun to go in there with friends and either exercise or just go out on the turf or the basketball court and mess around. All that is just getting exercise in burning calories and that’s pretty nice. The cafeteria always has healthy, fresh ingredients for salads and they always have the ingredients fully stocked. Its nice to have variety like that and it changes throughout the semester based on the season,” Wendell


Megan Brennan is a sophomore at HSU, and shared how she is eager to work out now.

“Staying fit in college is definitely not easy. One problem I used to run into was before the newer fitness center I had NO motivation to go workout, just because the gym was so small. But now I try to go almost every day. Lately, I have been running more. I will challenge myself to see how many miles I can run, which is so nice to do now in the new fitness center!” Brennan said.

In the new fitness center, during the fall and spring semesters, there are GroupX classes that one can attend, no matter the level of fitness or experience you may have.

“Also, something that is super nice are the fitness classes HSU offers. Since I don't have a bunch of free time in my schedule, the classes actually fit in nicely and I get in a good workout for the day. My favorite is Tabata! Anytime I don't feel like workout out for the day, I push myself to go and never regret it. You definitely get your sweat on when you're there,” Brennan said.

“Even if you don't want to go on a strict diet to stay fit (I definitely don't) you can always go get a good workout in. Your body will definitely thank you for it,” Brennan said.


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