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Look for Opportunities to Serve in the BSM

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Lyndsey Peace, Editor-in-Chief

The Baptist Student Ministries (BSM) is a great way for students to become involved with serving alongside a community of students. Anyone can join and participate in the events they host.

“The BSM is an organization on campus that is supported and funded by the Baptist General Convention of Texas (BGCT). We support students on campus, encourage them in their relationship with the Lord and provide opportunities for them to get involved and serve in a community,” said Kamri Hickerson, a junior biology major and intern for the BSM.

The BSM currently has seven different teams that do outreach on campus. The teams include a prayer ministry team that focuses on praying for students and faculty, an international student ministry team that builds relationships with international students and hosts Bible studies, a freshmen ministry team that hosts a Bible study for freshmen, a campus outreach and evangelism team who hosts Reach — a weekly worship night — on Wednesday nights, a church and community engagement team who do community service projects, a global engagement team who helps equip students who want to go on mission trips and a small group ministry team who puts on weekly Bible studies for students.

To be a part of these teams, students do have to apply. Applications are now closed for the spring semester, but students are always welcome to come to events and stop by Connally Missions Center for opportunities to help serve with the BSM.

Hickerson thinks students should get involved with the BSM because it provides unique ways to serve and meet other students on campus. “I think the BSM is important because it helps students who are looking for ministry opportunities,” Hickerson said.

The BSM aims to help Christians develop their faith but also to reach out to students on campus who might not be Christians. “We try to equip students who are already Christians and provide opportunities for them to serve but we are also really evangelistically focused, and we also try to get out on campus and evangelize to students,” Hickerson said.

Hickerson has enjoyed being an intern the past two semesters and looks forward to seeing what God will do through the BSM in the future. “Seeing how God has worked on campus through the students and what He is able to do through the ministry teams is amazing to see and witness firsthand,” Hickerson said.

Some students may be interested in joining but are concerned about not having the time. Hickerson wants to reassure students that if they want to be involved with the BSM, the teams will help make it happen. “A lot of people are worried about the time commitment but it’s not a lot. Our director Tanner (Clarke) is very flexible, and he will work with students who are willing to put in effort,” Hickerson said.

If you are a student who wants to be involved with the BSM, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone on a team or the director of the BSM, Tanner Clarke, at tanner


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