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HSU Has Many Club Options for Students

By Caitlin Dunnells, Staff Reporter

There are many opportunities to get involved here at Hardin-Simmons University. There are at least 29 clubs on campus and more can be made. Many incoming students find clubs as a great way to meet new people with similar interests. For the most part, freshmen are able to join any club that is offered.

“There are a couple of clubs that are specific to certain departments, but most clubs you can join at freshmen level,” said Austin Hennesay, Coordinator of Student Organizations.

In order to get more information about any club on campus, students can go to the HSU app, go to the info fair, talk to Austin Hennesay or look around campus. A meeting or activity is happening almost all of the time on campus.

Clubs can be created by emailing Hennesay, scheduling a time to meet, filling out an application online and submitting a constitution with the club’s purpose. Each club must start by having at least five members, four of which must be elected into the executive positions of president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer. There must also be a sponsor of the club that is a faculty or staff member.

“We like our students to feel like they have somewhere to belong. If there’s not something already on campus, then we try to provide that for them by allowing them to create a club,” Hennesay said.

One of the clubs on campus is Hunters, Gatherers and Travelers. HGT is a club that focuses on recycling and appreciating God’s creation through conservation, travel and exploration.

Another big club on campus is Faith in Fitness. The club is run through the health science department and meets once a week. They focus on how faith works with athletes.

The Latin Student Union, Sangre, and the Black Student Union, Proven, have become popular clubs as well. Both clubs sang during chapel in the spring 2019 semester.

One of the largest groups on campus is Alpha Phi Omega with over 50 members. The group is a national service fraternity that has a mission to prepare campus and community leaders through service.

“Alpha Phi Omega allows both genders to join. They do service projects and raise money for good causes,” Hennesay said.

Love Your Melon is another big club on campus. LYM supports children battling cancer and fights against pediatric cancer.

Woven and Broven are campus ministries that run through the Baptist Student Ministry, also known as the BSM. This is a student led group that meets once a week for a bible study.

Students are encouraged to get plugged in with clubs. They help make the transition into college a little easier and helps students make connections. Clubs are always looking for people to join and take a part of their organization.

“Getting involved on campus is really important. I urge people to try to get involved whether that’s in their FYSM or an organization on campus. Being involved really helps cultivate that sense of community on campus. If you really want to have a positive experience at HSU being involved in something is pretty important,” Hennesay said.


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