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HSU Soccer Teams Return for a Strong Season By: Savannah Stutevoss

Both the men’s and women’s soccer teams here at HSU are excited and ready for their spring 2021 season. Because of COVID-19, this soccer season will be one of a kind due to it being held in the spring instead of fall, and being subject to the distinct precautionary practices that are in place.

Women’s Soccer Coach Marcus Wood had an opportunity to reflect on this very unique season. The Cowgirls Soccer team is HSU’s 33rd team, and they patiently practiced during the fall semester in anticipation to play a condensed season.

“We have the opportunity to COVID test every week,” Wood said. “Every player on our roster is thankful for the decision-makers that we were presented with the opportunity to compete.”

Although these specific decision-makers may cause practices and games to run a little differently, the safety of the athletes can be maintained while allowing them to play the sport they love.

“Anyone who was really listening to student-athletes understands that the opportunity to compete is important to all of them. When you have worked a lifetime to develop your skill and intelligence, you hunger to express yourself at the highest level,” Wood said.

The HSU men’s soccer team is also prepared and excited for their spring season. Like the women’s team, the men’s team has access to routine Covid testing and all necessary safety protocol. Players like Austin Willis, a junior economics major from Flower Mound, Texas, focus on maintaining a positive outlook on the season.

“We wish we could have gotten our season done in the fall but this season is what everyone has to do, not just us,” Willis said. “We are reminded to make the most of it. We have talked as a team that it’s an adversity but we’ll get through it together.”

The team and coaches feel extremely blessed to be having a season. Assistant Men’s Soccer Coach Matt Pitcock explained that the hardest changes for this season were having to deal with not being able to meet with all the players at once and changing rules.

“It was all about adapting,” Pitcock said. “We had a lot of questions in the fall… but now we have the opportunity to play games with new opponents. We even have a team coming in from Phoenix and a game against a Division II team. Last season was a success and we hope to build off of that.”

If you have not been out to the HSU soccer complex yet, the women’s team has home games on Saturday Feb. 27, Thursday, March. 4 and Saturday, March 20. The men’s team will play at HSU on Feb. 6, Feb. 10, Feb. 23, Feb. 26, March 4 and March 20. If you can attend, you will not be disappointed. We wish both of our soccer teams a fantastic and safe season.


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