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HSU Students Enjoy Snow Day

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

By Skylar Bell Brenner, Entertainment Editor

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, Hardin-Simmons University canceled classes and activities due to the campus being coated with four inches of snow. With nothing on the agenda, students were able to enjoy the snowfall.

Alyssa Butler, sophomore and psychology major at HSU, was grateful for the snow and made sure to enjoy her day off with friends. “I had a blast sledding and taking pictures with friends while trying to avoid being hit with frozen snowballs,” Butler said.

Other students decided to get creative and adventurous, taking full advantage of the rare weather. Noah Hollabaugh, sophomore at HSU, decided to invent a new way of skiing.

“In the morning, my friends and I went to the intramural fields to try to sled down the hill for a bit which was really fun. At around 11 a.m. however, I got a call from my brother saying he had a spare couch and that they had rigged it with some makeshift skis. As you guessed, we tied it to the back of my truck and went couch sledding. It worked well for the first few rounds, but when we tried to pull more people, one of the ropes snapped. This didn’t slow us down as we continued even with the couch now sideways,” Hollabaugh said.

After an exhausting day of building a couch ski, Hollabaugh had worked up an appetite and trekked into the snow with his friends to get some dinner.

“Later that evening, my friends and I attempted to go to Taco Bell. We set out on our quest amongst the bitter cold with our goal in mind and our hearts in line. As we walked through the pelting winter blaze, we thought about the wonderful meal that lay before us. All in all, it was a pretty fun day,” Hollabaugh said.

Overall, the snow day was welcomed and enjoyed by many students across campus, and most were grateful for the extra day of rest.

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