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HSU Volleyball Honors Five Seniors at Howard Payne Match

By Ellie Ratliff, Sports Editor

The Hardin-Simmons University volleyball team honored six seniors and swept the Howard Payne Yellowjackets in three sets on Oct. 5. Five senior players and the senior student assistant were recognized for their commitment and dedication to the HSU volleyball program before the game.

The six seniors recognized were Sarah Bennett, Kaytlynn Lewis, Ashley Pierce, Mary Johnson, Kyrah Bailey and Vanessa Toomer. They all contributed to the dominating performance against HPU.

“It was a blessing to have a sweep on senior day. We knew that it was our day and it was our time to shine out there. The girls did very well,” Toomer said.

The HSU volleyball program has a special environment, and the six seniors honored have helped cultivate this special team. Kaytlynn Lewis shared what the program means to her. “The HSU volleyball program means the world to me. It has been a gateway to making these lifelong friends and amazing memories with the best group of girls. The sport itself has always been an outlet for me, so I am grateful I was given the opportunity to play four more years and gain the relationships I have. I’ve had the best college experience because of this program and the girls who have become my family,” Lewis said.

The whole team is working hard and looking forward to the conference tournament. Lewis shared the team’s goals looking ahead to postseason play. “I think the whole team has the expectation and goal of making the conference tournament this year. We have a lot of talented players and experience to help us get there. For me personally, I just want to enjoy the last season I have with my girls and never take a moment for granted,” Lewis said.

Toomer added to the team’s expectations for the conference tournament. “I see this team going far in the playoffs. I want them to be a team and show that no matter what challenges are thrown our way, they will get through them together as a team,” Toomer said.

The team’s next home game will be Friday, Oct. 18 at 11 a.m. against Belhaven University.


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