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HSSM’s Second Annual Nerdy Christmas Tree Recap

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Ali Richardson, Staff Writer

The Holland School of Science and Mathematics had their second annual Nerdy Christmas Tree event. The event was held on Tuesday, Dec. 3 and Wednesday, Dec. 4.

Dr. Andrea Jensen, dean of the Holland School of Science and Mathematics, explained what the event entailed and the reason they host it.

“Officially it’s the Holland School of Science and Mathematics Christmas Tree,” said Dr. Jensen. But, she decided she liked to spice up the name a bit by calling it the nerdy Christmas tree.

“This is the second year we’ve done it, last year was the first. We have a Christmas tree out in the foyer. We have faculty, staff and students decorate the tree with ornaments that are science or math themed. If they wanted to put something else on it, they could, but last year it was all science and math themed. We provided all kinds of materials for them to make ornaments. We had some faculty and staff show up last year and make ornaments as well,” Dr. Jensen said.

Dr. Jensen said it is like a party, as well as a fun time for fellowship. “It’s like a little stress relief before they head into finals, before we all head into finals. We serve popcorn, cookies and hot chocolate and apple cider to give it a party atmosphere. The purpose really is an activity to bring the school together, a chance for students to interact with faculty and staff in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. It’s really just a time to fellowship together and do some things together,” Dr. Jensen said.

Seeing as it is the Holland School of Science and Mathematics, the theme was tied into the ornament designs. Dr. Jensen expressed her amazement at the creativity and cross between fun Christmas ornament making and the way the students combined it with their knowledge in science and math.

“Other students had various organic chemistry things on there. It’s just fun to see how the students take what they have learned in their classes and what they have learned in their discipline and turn it into a fun thing at Christmas. They had a lot of fun. [They] laughed and enjoyed making those ornaments, it’s a good time to fellowship and spend time with students,” Dr. Jensen said.


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