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Opportunities for Student Involvement

By Samuel Gomorra, Staff Reporter

There are many ways that students can join and actively serve their campus and community through organizations and clubs. Hardin-Simmons University is a place that values the formation of relationships.

There are many clubs present at HSU that have basic information that can be found on the university’s website.

Circle K International is a service organization that seeks to improve the campus and community through service and love while offering chapel credit to members who participate well. It is a good way to establish connection and a presence on campus and throughout the community.

The chess club, and its members, have grown immensely over the previous year and are always excited to have new members join for fun or competition.

The Black Student Union, or Proven, is always seeking to grow in its presence on campus and invites people to join. It is an exciting organization that allows a person to broaden their perspective regarding life.

The Gospel Choir is an aspect of Proven that allows people to experience the unique and inspirational power of African gospel music.

There is always room to become actively involved in the Student Government Association. There are elections in the fall for freshman class president and freshman senators. Also, attending the meetings related to SGA will help you remain aware of what is occurring on campus and voice your opinion.

The Baptist Student Ministry, especially FreshCo, is an excellent way for freshmen to get involved on campus. There have been many changes to it thanks to its new leader, Tanner Clarke, who has opened the door of possibilities regarding the areas students can serve and lead in.

If students are looking to find athletic involvement on campus, they can join and compete against other students in the Intramural Program. This includes sports like flag football, volleyball, basketball and more.

There are academic clubs on campus that seek to further the education for the students in them, like the Psychology Club.

Also, do not forget to check the many job openings that are available on and off campus, which is located online at HSU Central.


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