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Opportunity to Get Involved with HSU Esports Club

Updated: Mar 5, 2020

By Brianna Teaff, Copy Editor

The Hardin-Simmons University Esports Club primarily takes part in video game competition, better known as Esports.

Joey Robertson, president of the Esports Club, shared in an email interview which type of esports the club includes. “As an industry, Esports is a massive and quickly growing industry that has seen massive change in the past five years. We currently compete in five different titles, those being Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Smash Ultimate,” Robertson wrote.

Robertson explained how the Esports Club got started on campus. “The Esports Club started on campus as an idea about two years ago. Unfortunately, after the equipment was bought, the club did not have the sustainable members it needed to keep on growing due to scheduling or other similar issues,” Robertson wrote.

Robertson continued. “I was given control of the club last summer, and since then we have made an entire constitution directly for the club with different positions and operations.”

Robertson described the type of competitions in which the Esports Club engage. “Two of our teams actually compete in seasonal leagues that allows us to compete with schools that we otherwise would never have interaction with. Last week, the Call of Duty team played a match against the University of Utah, winning three to two. This is one of the things that makes Esports so special and allows us to socialize in a place that a lot of different individuals would otherwise not be able to, or normally would not,” Robertson wrote.

Robertson noted that, “My favorite part of the club is being able to come back to The Block every day and see the people that make my club a special group to be a part of. The enjoyment comes through the desires of the people in that room, the desiring of competition is infectious, and it pushes me to be better every single day,” Robertson wrote.

If anyone is interested in joining the Esports Club or would like more information, the Esports Club meets in the Moody Basement. “We have a room in the basement of Moody, past the bowling alley that we named The Block. This room is usually full of students who compete in video games. We also host a game night every other Saturday in The Block,” Robertson wrote.

Robertson also welcomes anyone who is interested and has questions about the club to email him at

“[The Esports Club] has helped me in many ways that I really cannot put into words, and we would love to give more students on campus a place where they can dig in and be involved.” Robertson wrote.


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