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Upcoming Pancake Study Break to Relax Before Finals

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

By Ali Richardson, Staff Writer

Pancake Study Break will be held from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Sunday, Dec. 8 in the Moody Student Center dining hall. The event is hosted by Student Life and Student Activities. Pancakes, as well as other breakfast foods, will be served during this time.

Emma Ellison, the coordinator of student activities and success specialist, explained the purpose of having the Pancake Study Break.

“It is an opportunity for students to come and chill before the craziness of finals hits. Normally staff and faculty come and serve them [students] pancakes, just as a fun ‘we are taking a break with you. Good luck with your finals.’ We do raffles, so it’s just a fun time to hang out before you’re stressed all week long,” Ellison said.

There will also be a raffle going on with several prizes to be given away. “Some of the prizes will be a Keurig, a JBL Bluetooth speaker, JBL wireless headphones and probably some gift cards,” Ellison said.

While you may be worried about stopping from studying, Ellison makes a good point about needing to give yourself a break. “It is good to find time to take a break and give your brain a rest from studying. You might as well come and do it in the dining hall and get some free breakfast, as well as possibly win a really cool prize,” Ellison said.

Rebecca Romines, a history education major with a minor in psychology, attended the event last semester and shared her thoughts on Pancake Study Break. “It was nice to get away from studying and hang out with friends and get some free food. I had some professors serve my food which was kind of weird to see them not in a classroom setting, but it was still pretty cool. You can get free pancakes, and also hang out with people before they leave for the semester as well,” Romines said.


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