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Senior Art Show by: Delani Bauer      

Senior Art Show by: Delani Bauer      

This year’s senior design exhibition theme is portals. The show features Hardin-Simmons University seniors Anabelle Boiles, a graphic design major from Northlake, Miguel Ortiz, a graphic design major from Chicago and Tate Civarella, a graphic design major from Newton Falls, Ohio.  You can view these senior exhibits starting on Monday, April 22, in Frost’s Ira M. Taylor Memorial Gallery.  The reception is on May 2 from 5-7 p.m.  The reception will be live streamed on HSU’s Art Instagram,  

The reception features light refreshments, food, an artist talk and a social hour.  This will provide attendees with a chance to get to know the artists and the inspiration behind their works.  These students have been diligently working on this exhibit for the past year.

Attending the reception allows one to see through the lens of these talented artists.   Each student has selected a theme for their individual exhibit.  The themes include the cinema, life of a crow and urban street art.  Each theme was specially selected by each student to represent their dream jobs.  Each artist has their own unique style, which creates a different world for each exhibit.  Allow yourself to be transported to these worlds through their miraculous artwork. 

Each artist has chosen a color to represent their collection theme.  Boiles’ artwork transports you into the fantasy world of movies, represented through the color of blue.  Ortiz’s work depicts the culture of his hometown of Chicago, represented through the color of red.  Civarella’s color is green and portrays her self-discovery through the things she loves.  You can learn more about the meaning behind these works from the artists themselves at the reception.

“My favorite part about events like these is being able to welcome people into my world and see them experience and interact with the art. I have been working in the gallery the last year putting up shows, and there is nothing more satisfying than watching people enjoy the display,” said Civarella.

Frost is always having shows featuring a diverse population of individuals. They welcome all students to get involved and creatively express their artistic side. There is much to experience in Frost, so make sure not to miss its upcoming events. Everyone is encouraged to attend this event.  


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