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Sports Feature: Softball by: Lauren Sincerney

Hardin-Simmons University’s spring sports are starting up and that includes the Cowgirl softball team. The season opened in February with the girls playing against Shreiner in Kerrville. They have another game coming up at home on March 16, at 12 p.m. and 2 p.m., where they will play against the University of St. Thomas Lions.

“I feel good about this team and the depth we have as the season started,” said Casey Wilson, head softball coach. “The players came back in good shape and with a good frame of mind to get the season going.” 

The softball team has been working hard to get themselves ready for the games. There are many details that need to come together so that the team feels fully prepared to win against whoever they play. 

“There are a lot of small details to cover in regard to their daily fundamentals,” said Wilson. “We also scout the teams we play in order to have the right match-ups.” 

Due to all of the games and practices, the girls on the team have grown close. They enjoy being around each other, which tends to help during a long season. 

“Our team dynamic consists of a group of girls who are best friends,” Caitlin Clem, a junior nursing major from Sachse, said. “We all get along and hang out outside of softball, which always makes for a better dynamic when we can get along and have fun on and off the field. Everyone loves to have a good time too which helps us to create an exciting game time environment.” 

This season, there are approximately 20 girls on the team. Many of them have been playing softball for years before coming to HSU. Some students have been playing it since they were kids. Many of them could have chosen to go to a different school to pursue softball or even not play it at all, but they all decided to come to HSU. 

“I joined the team because HSU provided me with the opportunity to pursue a nursing degree and I will get to play softball for two more years,” Clem said. “I also chose HSU’s softball team because I love what HSU had to offer. As a transfer, I am so glad that God brought me to HSU. It has been great so far and I have made many new friends and great memories. I also am looking forward to seeing how far we will make it this year. I think we have a very talented team.” 

If you are interested in supporting the HSU sports teams, then go and watch some of the softball teams games. Also, keep up with the team and see how they are doing this season. 

“I am looking forward to seeing these players develop mentally over the course of the season so we can be in a good place for postseason play,” Wilson said.


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