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Student Opinion: Aubrie Northcut

By Aubrie Northcut, Photo Editor

Winter is too cold, and summer is too hot. Spring is just okay — but fall. Fall is the best time of the year. Of course, living in Texas we do not get that much of an autumn and the weather can be all over the place from day to day. Regardless, fall is the perfect balance of everything that is good in the world.

Sweaters, blankets, pumpkins, cinnamon candles, seasonal coffee, fallen leaves, the color red. Fall is all about warmth and comfort. My favorite thing to do each year is to pull my boxes of warm clothing out from dusty boxes and hang them up in my closet for the new season. The autumnal equinox is basically my Christmas morning where I get to rediscover all of the clothes and décor that I haven’t seen in months.

As autumn begins and the weather starts to calm down, my steps get lighter and my mood brighter and I can finally enjoy all things about the outdoors. Summer is often too hot and the reality of being outside is humid and miserable. Winter in Texas can feel okay, but normally everything is grey and dead. Autumn fills the sky and ground with bright, bold colors that are breathtakingly beautiful.

Going to the pumpkin patch with family, taking a hayride with friends or walking through a park with fresh leaves on the ground are just a few of the many adventures and activities that are often enjoyed during fall. Some of my greatest memories have happened during fall. It may not be the new year, but it’s the time of the year that creates excitement for experiencing new things mixed in with tradition.

Fashion during autumn is normally extremely cozy and aesthetically pleasing. One of the few times that I can get away with pulling out my comfortable cardigans — which are basically the blankets of the fashion world, and who wouldn’t want to leave the house wearing a blanket all day — when it is cool outside. Most of the other seasons are too cold or too hot, meaning that I have to store a portion of my closet away, whereas fall is the in-between season where I can actually make use out of everything without having to waste any of my clothing items.

Autumn is peaceful and quiet on cooler days. It is nature’s perfect expression of coziness and comfort and I am here for it.


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