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Student Opinion: Kirsten Patterson

By Kirsten Patterson, Layout Editor

When I came to Hardin-Simmons University as a freshman I remember realizing that there were all kinds of ways to get involved on campus. I also remember people telling me how important it was to be involved and not just sit in my dorm room like a “Freddy Freshman.” I believed that because HSU is a smaller school, I should be involved in as many ways as possible and take advantage of those opportunities.

Now that I am in my senior year, I am involved in two clubs and I have two jobs alongside being a full-time student. I have come to learn that being involved is not as good or fun as it sounds when it becomes overinvolvement.

I have found that I am constantly busy with hardly any free time to do what I want. Sometimes I have to schedule when I am going to have a little bit of time to rest, but I end up being stressed about the things I have to do when that time is up. I haven’t had many breaks this semester and I find myself not enjoying any of the things I committed to and was once excited about. Finding time for breaks with school, homework, crazy work schedules and club events all the time is extremely difficult.

People often try to portray constant busyness as a good thing, but I believe that it has the potential to be very harmful. Not taking breaks can lead to exhaustion and a lack of motivation to get anything done.

This semester I have been learning how to do better at giving myself breaks, even if that means I need to take a day or two off. I only have so much energy throughout the week and I typically get worn out pretty fast. I have been making different plans for next semester to make sure that my schedule isn’t nearly as packed as this one has been.

I wanted to use my experience as an example for those who are wanting to be very involved on campus during their college years. I highly recommend being involved as long as it isn’t taken too far. My advice is to take a look at schedules and be reasonable about the amount of time that becomes committed to various things. Don’t be afraid to say no to unnecessary commitments and leave extra free time. If a friend wants to hang out or a surprise test comes up, that extra time can come in handy and be used for whatever is needed.


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