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Student Opinion: Samuel Gomora

By Samuel Gomora, Staff Writer

Andrew Yang is one of the many democratic candidates running for President of the United States, but he seems to be the only one discussing real solutions for the problems facing our nation.

For the first time, hearing someone like Yang speaking not as a politician but as a genuine loving and caring human being is a good experience. People like Yang do not seem to be stepping up too often, but thankfully he has taken the initiative.

Yang is not afraid to be vulnerable with the American people, but he is also willing to tackle every problem head on. He uses statistics and research to create detailed and comprehensive solutions to problems, which is different from the average politician who brings nothing but hot air to their discussions.

He is definitely one of the most unprecedented candidates’ people have ever seen, but that should not be a reason to underestimate him. Yang is bringing many new and substance-filled ideas to the political table, and this is one of the reasons why he is so appealing.

Automation is one of the largest issues facing our nation today, and if something is not done to help the United States get ahead of the issue, then it will surely devastate every person and family.

Yang’s solution to the threat of automation is the freedom dividend, or universal basic income, which would give every American 18 years and older $1,000 dollars a month with no strings attached.

This idea is a socialistic and individualistic approach to some of the largest issues facing the American people as it also recognizes that the American people can participate in solving the real issues present in their lives.

For Yang, it is not about politics; it is about bringing the people of this nation together to fight the problems that are threatening the lives of every American. This is a communal problem, and it is time that we started acting like it.

Yang popularity and financial support have been increasing exponentially every day, which have him inching closer to winning the presidency every day.

Yang seems like a person you can rely on to keep his word, and he does not seem to have any fear when dealing with the injustices present in our nation.

While he is not afraid to have fun campaigning and meeting new people around the country, it is clear that he recognizes the role that he needs to play in shaping the course of the United States’ future.

There is too much about Yang to fit into this one article, so I suggest that you go and check out more of presidential candidate Andrew Yang on Join


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