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Student Spotlight: Amani Bradshaw By: Haleigh Smith

For the student spotlight this week, we will be featuring a junior shooting guard.

Amani Bradshaw is from Killeen which is a small town west of Waco. Bradshaw played basketball throughout high school and has furthered her playing career here at Hardin-Simmons University. She is currently studying psychology with a minor in biology, en route to PT school.

Bradshaw suffered two major setbacks both her freshman and sophomore years that led to surgery and a long road toward recovery. As we all go through trials, I wanted to know from her experience what keeps her going. Bradshaw shared that the process was extremely difficult but it has shaped her and taught her how to change her mindset to focus on what matters most.

“I ruptured my left achilles before freshman year and I ruptured my right one my sophomore year,” Bradshaw said. “These two obstacles have taught me that perspective matters. Yes, this was an unfortunate situation, but my perspective and getting in the word has got me where I am today.”

This was a very humbling response due to the fact she has not touched the court since the beginning of her time here at HSU. Despite this, her family, teammates and peers have been her support system every step of the way. It is clear they supported her no matter the circumstances.

“What makes me a better person is my family and my basketball teammates,” Bradshaw said. “Considering that I had such a hard past two years I couldn’t have gotten through it without them. They… bring the best out of me and I’m so grateful for them.”

Aside from her family and teammates, Bradshaw has gained support from the physical therapists that are also there with her during this arduous process. This reality is one of the reasons she has chosen the career path of physical therapy. Those who have met Bradshaw know how big her heart is and how much she loves helping others.

“I want to become a physical therapist because I have a heart for helping others,” Bradshaw said. “I want to do this because it has so many different settings in which you can work. The area that interests me most is pediatrics. My two injuries have inspired me these past two years to pursue this career even more.”


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