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Students Gain Valuable Experience Directing Play

Updated: Feb 20, 2020

By Lucas Pruitt, Staff Reporter

Each year, the Hardin-Simmons University Department of Theatre presents a variety of musicals and plays for the campus and Abilene community to enjoy. This year, HSU seniors Hanna Hayes and Bridgette Mistrot, had the opportunity to direct students in two different productions. The entire experience was beneficial for everyone involved, especially the student directors. Directing a play gives the student valuable experience in their field of study and also gives them a platform to express their creativity. 

While directing their respective productions, Hayes and Mistrot were able to take what they have learned during their time in the classroom and apply this knowledge to the stage. “It was a culmination of everything we had learned rolled into one,” Hayes said.

Taking on a production of this magnitude can be challenging and even scary but is a rewarding experience in the end. “It was terrifying but exciting finally getting to do this big of a project,” Hayes said. 

As these seniors prepare for graduation and gearing up for the next big step in their lives, directing will help them stand out from the crowd. “I can put this on my resume, and they will know that I don’t want to just be famous, I want to also tell stories” Mistrot said.

This experience will give them valuable insight for their future careers whether they be a theatre teacher or actor. They now know what it is like to be on the other side of the stage and now have a greater appreciation for directing. 

Knowing what it is like to direct can better help the actor understand the bigger picture of what the director is trying to create. “It makes me want to understand the director’s vision even more because I know what it is like to have a vision now”, Mistrot said. She can use this understanding to elevate her acting to a higher level and better convey the director’s vision. 

Regardless of what career a theatre student wants to pursue after graduation, directing a play as a student will be beneficial for them as actors as well as their future careers.


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