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Surviving the Resident Halls

By Brianna Cravens, Copy Editor

A lot of big changes happen when you transition to college. For most people, the most exciting change is moving in to the residence halls. With this comes adapting to living in close proximity with others in a small space.

Most first-time freshmen don’t know what to expect when it comes to living circumstances. One has to adapt to living with another person, who is most likely a stranger, and sharing a bathroom with three other people or multiple people, if you live in a residence hall that has a community bath. This makes it important to know what and what not to bring to help you make the smoothest transition to living in a heavily populated living area.

A few items that are at the top of the packing list for both men and women residents should include: mini fridge, fan, headphones and a shower caddy.

The items that are most likely overlooked would be cleaning supplies. It’s important to keep a clean-living space because regular room checks will take place throughout the semester so it’s valuable to have cleaning supplies such as Clorox wipes and Lysol on hand. Residents are required to maintain a clean bathroom as well, so bathroom cleaning supplies such as toilet and shower cleaner are necessary.

Students also usually forget to bring basic first aid supplies such as band aids and a thermometer or medications such as ibuprofen or Pepto-Bismol, which can come in handy during unexpected situations.

Kitchen utensils and supplies are helpful for those who plan to cook in the residence halls. Tupperware is also recommended for when you prepare your own meals. There are stoves and ovens located in both the men and women’s residence halls for cooking more than microwaveable meals.

Bringing your own shelves or cabinets are helpful in providing extra storage. There is also space in the closets for extra storage bins or drawers. You can personalize your space by bringing pictures of your friends and family to decorate with.

Several current students gave advice for incoming students to survive the residence halls and to make the most of their time living on campus.

“Keep Vitamin C or Emergen-C on hand, because you get sick more easily living in close proximity to others in the residence halls,” said Blake Hyles, an Exercise Science major.

“Be open to meeting new people, because you never know who will become your closest friends,” said Hannah Minchew, a Social Work major.

“Wear shower shoes in the community bathroom showers,” said Blaine Phariss, an Exercise Science major.

“Some of my favorite college memories include living next door to my best friends. Don’t take it for granted and make the most of it!” said Kyndall Massey, a Business Administration major.

By adding your favorite items such as pictures, comfortable pillows and decorations to your room, you can turn the residence hall into a comfortable living space and a home away from home.


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