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The BSM’s Adaptation to COVID-19

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

By: Jonathan Lumpkin and Sydney Graff

The Hardin-Simmons Baptist Student Ministry (BSM) has always been known for hosting fun, entertaining events and playing a part in spreading the love of Christ on campus. But with the onset and spread of COVID-19, BSM has had to adapt their approach to accomplishing this under very challenging conditions .

The BSM has recently started creating COVID-19 quarantine care packages. They are collaborating with Student Life to deliver these packages to students quarantining on campus and care for them in any way they can. Students from the BSM pack items like tissues, crossword puzzles, snacks and encouraging notes to uplift those who are in quarantine.

“I think it is sweet what the BSM is doing. It gives us an opportunity to help those who tested positive, because there’s not much else we can do,” said Gretchen Cobble, a sophomore BSM member.

This project truly displays who the BSM is as they care for the entire school and strive to help in any way they can. Tanner Clarke, the BSM Director, has held leadership in this service, allowing his servant heart for the Lord to shine through. “We are called to love, serve, and walk alongside students during their time at HSU,” Clarke said.

The BSM is excited to provide for others in this way, and a multitude of other ways, and to ultimately share the love of Christ through everything they do. Another way they are continuing to accomplish this goal is through the organization’s ministry teams. For example,, the BSM’s Missions Mobilization ministry team recently partnered with E-Sports to host a game night in the Connally Missions Center to help fundraise for student missionaries.

The attendants enjoyed board games, JackboxTV, Call of Duty, snacks and drinks as they were given information about GoNow Missions, an organization that equips Baptist university students to go on missions within the US as well as internationally. Guests then had the option to join a Super Smash Bros tournament with a $3 entry fee that went directly to fundraising for missionaries.

The Discipleship ministry team, along with hosting the women’s Bible study, Woven, is in the process of creating a discipleship system where students can sign up to disciple and/or be discipled.

The Community and Church Engagement ministry team is hosting a mask drive to collect masks to donate to a local elementary school. In addition, the team created an Instagram account that informs students about local churches and their college ministries. The use of social media has been in place of the church information event usually hosted at the beginning of the year.

The Campus Outreach and Evangelism ministry team hosts Reach weekly at 8 p.m. on Wednesday nights in the BSM courtyard, between Moody Student Center and the Connally Missions Center. Reach is an opportunity for all students to come worship, read the Bible and find community on campus. This team is also in the process of planning Kindness Week, a time dedicated to serving others and sharing the Gospel. This event is coming up later this semester.

The BSM’s mission has not changed despite the challenges posed by this pandemic. The group’s members continue to fulfill the Great Commission and exemplify Christ in every way possible.

If you are interested in learning more about this God-fearing, servant-hearted ministry, contact Tanner Clarke in the Connally Missions Center.


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